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DenVantage Terms & Conditions

Mount Pleasant Dental Wellness

This agreement is entered into between the individual signing below (“you” or “your”),
Dental Health Advantage Plan, LLC (“DenVantage”), and the dental practice service
provider (“Dentist”) through whom you enrolled in the DenVantage plan (the “Plan”).
The Plan is a membership arrangement designed to keep dental care affordable by
reducing your Dentist’s overhead costs and passing those savings on to you in exchange
for your payment of a low monthly membership fee as outlined in the enrollment form
provided by your Dentist and signed by you. The benefits of the Plan are outlined in the
schedule of benefits provided by your Dentist (“Benefits”). YOU UNDERSTAND
agree” below and paying the fee, in addition to the terms outlined in the enrollment form
and schedule of benefits, you agree to the following:

  1. Your enrollment in the Plan is effective on the date of your Dentist’s receipt of
    your first payment (“enrollment”) and will renew automatically on an annual
    basis without action by you, unless and until terminated by you, your Dentist, or
    DenVantage. Your enrollment will automatically terminate in the event of
  2. Plan Benefits for each 12-month enrollment period do not roll over. It is your
    responsibility to take advantage of Plan Benefits within each applicable 12-month
    period, or lose them.
  3. The Plan cannot be transferred to another dental practice. To change to another
    dental practice offering the Plan, you must submit a new enrollment form and
    such a change will be deemed a cancellation of the prior Dentist subject to
    Paragraph 7 Below.
  4. In exchange for your payment of the membership fee specified in the enrollment
    form, your Dentist will provide the Benefits as written in the schedule of benefits.
  5. Membership fee payments will be processed automatically on the same day each
    month based on the initial start date of the Plan, from your debit/credit card as
    specified at initial enrollment, unless you choose to pay in full up front, and will
    continue until you cancel the Plan in writing. You may be charged a service fee in
    the event of a payment denied for insufficient funds or for a credit/debit card that
    is denied repeatedly by the processor.
  6. You agree to also pay a one-time processing fee per enrollment. Currently the fee
    is $55 for individuals and $95 for families.
  7. You may cancel the Plan at any time; however, if you cancel prior to the end of a
    12-month enrollment period, you will be responsible for the usual and customary
    fees for all dental services rendered during that time, less any payments made to
    the Plan.
  8. Written notice at least 30 days prior to renewal will be given if the processing fee
    or membership fee changes. The Plan will continue past the renewal date at the
    new fee, unless cancelled.
  9. You acknowledge that DenVantage is not a dental provider and you agree to
    release and discharge DenVantage from any and all claims and liabilities arising
    from or connected with your, or your child’s, participation in the Plan, or arising
    from or connected with the dental services received by your or your child(ren).

To keep overhead costs low, you agree to comply with the following Dentist policies:

  1. . All payments to the Dentist must be made in full by the time of treatment. (Note:
    services covered by the Plan at 100% do not require any additional payments.)
  2. Failure to pay for services by the time of service will result in the loss of benefit for
    that service.
  3. As a courtesy to the dental team and other patients, a full week’s notice is requested
    for any appointment changes whenever possible.
  4. Your Plan payment signifies that you agree to a minimum $86 rescheduling fee for
    missed appointments, or appointments that are cancelled with fewer than two
    business days’ notice. For appointments scheduled for more than an hour in length,
    $86 per scheduled hour will be charged for the missed appointment. (Missed
    appointments are one of the highest overhead costs, of which the $86 rescheduling
    fee covers only a small portion.)
  5. The Plan may be discontinued at any time at the sole discretion of Dentist and/or

This agreement, and the documents referenced in this agreement, contain the entire
agreement of the parties. No terms, conditions, understanding, or agreements purporting to
modify or vary the terms of the agreement shall be binding unless made in writing by

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