Patient Reviews


Dr. Laliberte and the entire staff were great for my first ever sedation dentistry visit. Very informative before, very considerate and kind during, and they even call you that evening to see how it went! I barely even realized I had any work being done and whatever if any pain I felt I immediately forgot or did not care. I think I had numbing injected but again didn’t feel it go in or care. I’m so happy I have an option to finish and maintain dental work that will work for me. -B. P.


Mount Pleasant Dental Care was a wonderful positive experience from the moment you enter, with a friendly greeting and throughout the visit with advanced diagnostic equipment and dental professionals who really care about your comfort and the health of your teeth.  -R.W


Best dental practice in Maine. I recommend M.P.D.C. to everyone I know. Thank you guys! -R.B.


I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to having dental work done. My experience from start to finish was handled professionally and with compassion. The staff really listen to your concerns, and take measures to ensure that the patient has a pleasant experience.  -P.I.


Mount Pleasant Dental Care is top notch. They go above and beyond to make your visit an enjoyable one. Everyone is very professional, courteous, kind, and caring. I highly recommend them to all. – C.V.


Mount Pleasant Dental has consistently provided services with up-to-date technology used by well-trained, completely compassionate staff members from beginning to finish of each appointment. I started going to Mount Pleasant Dental because of the sedation option that is available. Over the years staff members have worked with me to the point where I no longer feel the need for sedation for cleanings, fillings, crown work etc. I wish I had had access to an office like this for all the years prior to meeting this incredibly dedicated staff.  – M.L.