From the minute I made the appointment to the follow-up telephone call, I was treated with incredibly kind, gracious, and solicitous care. Dr. Pier is thorough, knowledgeable and meticulous in his care and he gave me the information I needed to make decisions about my dental care. Both Lindsey and Jean were equally accommodating, thorough and helpful. How great it is to find such a terrific dental practice in Maine! Thank you all.
– Bettyl, Rockland, ME

I was very nervous when the thought of going to the dentist was on my mind. It was great. I would like to thank Dr. Pier and his team, they are just wonderful. I felt so relaxed and did not feel at thing. He puts his patients first. I like that. So I would like to thank you again for a very good experience.
– Maryjane R

I would like to express how grateful I am to you and your staff. At the risk of sounding dramatic, you really have changed my life. I had all the faith in your talent, but I never could have imagined just how great my smile would look like! I am so happy and so very lucky to have had the work done by you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I can’t thank you all enough for treating me with such warmth and kindness and for doing such an awesome job of transforming my smile.

Since I first started coming to you I have been impressed with your dedication to patient comfort. Having come to you with a heavy burden of “dental phobia” I can now say that those days are behind me. It’s a relief to have the work finally done on my teeth that I had put for years. The combination of friendly and understanding staff and mild sedation have made the whole process nearly painless.

From my very first phone call in Sept 2012 with excruciating molar pain, to just this past Monday’s cleaning- top notch all the way! It had been over 10 years, possibly even closer to 15 since I saw a dentist for anything. That molar changed my whole outlook- root canal went amazingly well. Exam was thorough; you aren’t told what will be done, you are INCLUDED in the decisions! They are dedicated to the plan of care designed only for you. Never once was there shame or raised eyebrows for my ignoring my dental health so long. “Onward and forward..’ is their approach, and they certainly back it up with compassion, education, encouragement, and results. Dr. Groves is amazing! Dental care is not cheap anymore, but folks, with this practice, you WILL get what you pay for- quality work, designed and completed to last. They weren’t voted “Best of the Best” for nothing!