Rockport Sedation Dentistry: Conquering Dental Fear Made Easier

Some people may find it silly that there are adults who have some form of dental fear or even phobia in visiting a dentist. The real figures aren’t that silly, however. Around 75% of American adults suffer from some level of dental fear, from mild to severe. Further, some 10 to 15% of adult Americans have a phobia for dental clinics – that’s a whooping figure of 30 to 40 million dental phobic Americans right there.

To keep things in proper perspective, there’s a difference between fear and phobia toward going to the dentist. Fear is the feeling of anxiety or discomfort to have one’s teeth checked up likely because of past bad experience, while phobia is an intense, unreasonable fear that is grounded mainly on exaggerated imagination. While both cases can be cured, it is much easier to deal with dental fear than phobia. Sometimes a person with extreme level of dental phobia has to be helped by psychiatric professionals. There’s a host of different reasons why dental fear and phobia come about, but the most common is due to a horrible history experienced inside a clinic. For many people, such experience likely spells pain as well.

The highly skilled and compassionate dentists at Mount Pleasant Dental Care are aware of the prevalent dental fear and phobia. For this reason, Doctors David Pier and Rebecca Groves have enhanced their Sedation Dentistry services for the patients in Rockport, Maine and nearby. Sedation dentistry is the use of oral sedatives, either as pills or liquids, to make you feel relax or even numb during dental treatments. The ultimate goal is to make your dental experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible – that is, without pain and excruciating side effects. Rockport Dentists Drs. Pier and Groves will examine each patient’s specific health condition and needs to determine the necessary Rockport Sedation Dentistry to undergo.

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