Restorative Dentistry Options: Smile More Attractively & Vibrantly

In today’s modern dentistry, there is no such thing as hopeless case. If you are experiencing staining on your teeth, it can be remedied. If you have cracked or fractured teeth, they can be fixed. If you have lost two front teeth, they can still be replaced. From crowns and bridges to porcelain veneers, you definitely have a multitude of options in cosmetic restorative dentistry. The rub here is that you have to know exactly your restorative dental options.

Restorative dentistry is popular mainly due to the opportunity it provides for aesthetic rejuvenation: patients seek to undergo dental procedures to improve their smile and overall facial appearance. However, there is a large number of patients as well that aim for oral functional restoration, especially when it comes to basic oral functions such as eating and speaking.

In Rockport, Dr. David Pier and Dr. Rebecca Groves will listen first and fully with your dental concern before they prescribe the right course of action to take. The Experienced Rockport Dentists are known for performing restorative procedures with excellence and comfort. Being well dedicated to dentistry practice, they cater to both adult and child patients.

After a careful examination, Dr. Pier or Dr. Groves will confer with you regarding the appropriate procedure to perform depending on your specific dental issue. You will be explained on the pros and cons of each potential dental procedure. Some of the Restorative Dentistry Options include:

– Dental crowns
– Tooth colored fillings
– Porcelain inlays and onlays
– Dental implants
– Dentures
– Porcelain veneers
– Dental composite bonding
– Bridges

There is no such thing as ideal dental procedure for all, it has to be considered from the factors that include patient’s oral health and aesthetic goals. Being professionally straightforward during consultation, Dr. Pier and Dr. Groves would expect the same from you – in order to achieve the smile that brings out a more attractive and vibrant personality in you.

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