Dental Preventive Care in Rockport: Why Children Should Have It

Many adults tend to reveal that they have some regrets with how they took care of their teeth when they were younger. Perhaps a few visits to the dental clinic would have given them more aligned teeth and saved those lost front teeth. Importantly, they would have a much healthier gums and teeth. Well, hindsight is always 20/20. If you have kids, start inculcating in them the value of preventative care while they are still young. This is the best gift — dental-wise – that you can bestow on your children that will in turn provide them with great confidence to smile for a long, long time.

Dental preventive care involves the detection and treatment of looming dental issues before they turn into a disaster. Indeed, proactive dental care is very much applicable to adults as well. With regular and proper care, you can save yourself from high financial cost and potential embarrassments that may be experienced if you have damaged teeth requiring for an expensive dental procedure.

For the children, the importance of preventative care cannot be set aside. Even the American Dental Association suggests that children at the age of one should start getting examined by a competent dentist. As the first tooth normally appears at around 6 months old, you as a parent will be taught by your chosen dentist regarding early teeth development. You will also be taught how to properly take care of your child’s teeth until the latter is already capable.

Rockport Dentist Dr. David Pier will monitor and ensure the dental health of your child, especially in preventing tooth decay and gum diseases. Dr. Pier will endeavour to provide  a positive dentist experience to your child in order to instill an ideal dental health at such young age. Understandably, Dr. Pier is always passionate about safety and comfort in children’s dentistry.

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