Help Your Kids Build Good Dental Hygiene Habits

233_2655384Good habits start young, which is why it is important to teach your kids about dental hygiene as soon as possible. Good dental hygiene habits will prevent problems while your kids are young and protect your kids as they grow.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Set A Good Example

Start by setting a good example for your children. Brush your teeth and floss your teeth every day, and make sure your kids see you doing this. When possible, you can even brush and floss your teeth together.

Let Them Pick The Supplies

Letting your kids pick out a toothbrush and tube of toothpaste can make the process more exciting. It can also instill a sense of responsibility and independence.

Use A Song To Gauge The Time

Children should brush their teeth for about two minutes, but even adults can have a hard time gauging how much time something takes. Pick a fun song that your kids enjoy and play it while they brush their teeth. Have them keep brushing until the song ends.

Provide Healthy Snacks and Meals

Eating healthy food is an important part of dental hygiene. Carrots, apples, and celery can help your kids keep their mouth clean, while hard candy, soda, and fruit juices can cause damage. Children should also be encouraged to drink plenty of water which will help them keep their mouth clean throughout the day.

Discourage Thumb Sucking and Nail Biting

Thumb sucking and nail biting spread germs, and in some cases, mess up the alignment of your child’s teeth. Help your children replace these destructive habits with healthy ones.

Encourage Hand Washing

No matter how well you teach your kids, they’ll likely still put their hands in their mouth from time to time. Encourage them to wash their hands regularly to prevent germs from spreading.

Schedule Regular Dentist Visits

Regular visits to the dentist make it easier to prevent big problems and catch small ones. Take your kids to the dentist often so that they know it is important. Regular visits will also help calm any fears they may have about going to the dentist. When it comes to your children’s health, the dentist is part of your team—make sure to use them.


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