What Family Friendly Dentistry Really Means

iStock_000008235598SmallChildren in the dentist chair used to be treated virtually the same as adults. That was a mistake. Unfortunately, it’s generally true that a kid who gets scared by an awful visit to the dentist will turn into an adult who avoids the dentist. The reason the industry as a whole is looked upon with a degree of fear stems back to the archaic dental practices of the 1950s when pain-killing medication barely existed and surgical techniques were crude. These days, dentistry can be pain free, entirely pleasant, and wholly family friendly with just a little added effort.

Family friendly dentistry means far more than a willingness to treat kids. Instead, it means being wholly sensitive to anything a child may find unnerving, and having a uniquely empathetic approach to every child’s visit. This generally means making every child feel like the center of the Earth from the moment they arrive to their exit, which requires lots of one-on-one attention and a genuinely positive, optimistic attitude. It’s about answering all their questions, making the whole idea seem as fascinating as possible, and rewarding their bravery.

A single disturbing dental appointment is enough to color any child’s future judgment of the dental profession for all the wrong reasons. At Mount Pleasant Dental our “family friendly dentistry” outlook is more than just words, it’s our overall philosophy.