Cosmetic Dental Veneers in Rockport: Treating Dental Flaws like a Pro

If you are one of those many people suffering from shameful dental flaws, then you probably heard about porcelain veneers. This dental cosmetic treatment can give back confidence in your smile. But is having porcelain veneers really for you? The answer to that question is revealed when you consult the expertise of a qualified dental professional. Doctors David Pier and Rebecca Groves perform excellent cosmetic dentistry procedures, including porcelain veneers, in Rockport. For years, the expertise and mastery of Drs. Pier and Groves have been well proven in Rockport area.

Can You Explain Porcelain Veneers For Us?
Porcelain veneers are customized shells placed over the surface of the tooth. The said veneers act as filler to cure dental defects like crooked or badly colored teeth.

Why Porcelain?
With various researches to back it up, porcelain is proven to be very strong and could last for over a decade. Aside from its durability, porcelain is also known for its close likeness to human enamel. Thus, the result with porcelain veneers is a treatment that gives a patient a more aligned, natural-looking set of teeth.

What Are Common Dental Flaws Requiring Porcelain Veneers?
At the top of head now, these dental common flaws treatable with veneers include: uneven or crooked teeth, worn enamel, yellowed teeth, gaps between teeth, or even teeth that are too short or too long.

So People Having Those Flaws Must Have Veneers?
No, it should not be the case. Every patient must go through consultation with a qualified dentist. After screening, the dentist will decide whether such patient should have porcelain veneers or not.

What Factors Do Your Dentists Consider Then?
Foremost, they have to determine if having porcelains on the patient is the most apt treatment. There may be other better procedures, on a case-to-case basis. Second, they have to find out if the patient’s gums and teeth set are healthy enough to have veneers. Lastly, they need to also consider the patient’s desire to have porcelain veneers by telling him/her about the pros and cons.

So There Are Risks Involved?
Yes, it is a natural thing with all dental treatments and procedures. However, with porcelain veneers, the risk is very minimal. One typical side-effect is that the patient may experience minor tooth sensitivity a day or two after doing the porcelain procedure. But this possible effect goes away pretty quickly.

Are All Dentists Capable Of Doing Veneers?

No, only those who have undergone sufficient training in cosmetic dentistry. The cosmetic dentist must also have the combination of skill and artistry to do porcelain veneers on patients.

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