Rockport Cosmetic Bonding: Fast Yet Long Lasting Dental Repairs

Posted in Cosmetic Dentistry | July 15, 2013

If you encounter any tooth issue, there are several dental restorative options to choose from so you don’t need to shed a tear for it. Primarily, you have a choice between surgically invasive procedures like dental implant and minimally invasive interventions like dental bonding. In most cases, it is a matter of choosing the dental procedure that can best remedy your specific concern. But, of course, it is ideal if you get the guidance of an experienced and skilled dentist to guide you in your choice and decision.

One of the most popular dental remedies today is cosmetic bonding. Using a special light to bond the durable resin material to the tooth, this dental procedure can remedy several dental goals, including to reshape teeth, close small gaps, repair chips or cover discoloration.

Compared to other procedures, bonding’s main advantage is that it is a minimally invasive technique. This entails that the procedure is completed in a single day – there is no need to manufacture it in a lab as other procedures – without the need for surgery. It is among the easiest and least expensive to perform of cosmetic dental procedures. Moreover, unless performed to fill a cavity, the use of anesthesia is generally not required in dental bonding.

However, there is no way that cosmetic bonding is a superior procedure at all times. Rockport Dentist Dr. David Pier is mindful of the procedure’s strengths and limitations. He is aware that bonding is not as resistant to dental stains as much as crowns; it does not last as long nor is as strong as other restorative procedures like crowns, veneers, or fillings; and its bonding materials may likely chip and break off the tooth at some point.

Nevetheless, upon proper evaluation of your dental condition and needs, Dr. Pier is likely to recommend Rockport Cosmetic Bonding only for minor cosmetic changes, especially those involving correction of teeth in areas of very low bite pressure such as in the front teeth. It is really advisable that you talk personally with Dr. Pier so that an appropriate dental cosmetic approach may be planned based on your particular concerns.

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Complete Smile Makeover: Regain Chance to Exude Beauty

Posted in Cosmetic Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry | May 30, 2013

It is often said that to get ahead in life, one key weapon is to feel beautiful inside and outside and exude such beauty as you face the world. But really, how can you exude beauty to others if you have nagging doubts and apprehensions regarding your aesthetic worth? Do you have cosmetic issues with your teeth and smile? If yes, then you may have to consider a smile makeover.

At Mount Pleasant Dental Care in Rockport, ME, highly skilled dentists Dr. David Pier and Dr. Rebecca Groves offer a comprehensive dental makeover a.k.a. Complete Smile Makeover. It is termed “complete” because it  combines all necessary dental treatments, procedures and techniques to transform your current smile to something that you truly aspired to achieve.

Smile Makeover is a combination of two or more dental procedures – so it is a given that you likely have several oral issues. There is no single combination of procedures, but rather each makeover is entirely tailored on your individual needs and desires. Nevertheless, your smile makeover may include any or all of these procedures:

Tooth Colored fillings
Teeth Whitening
Porcelain Crowns
Cosmetic Bonding

As patient, you will be subjected to thorough evaluations – taking into account your medical and dental records, lifestyle, and aesthetic plans. Drs. Pier and Groves will explain to you the extent, duration, and component procedures of your dental makeover.

With the aid of advance tools such as photo imaging and dental x-rays, you can see the result already (your future smile, that is) even before any procedure is taken. At any rate, no treatment is proceeded or dental device installed without your consent and approval.

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Proper Ways of Caring Your Dental Crown and Bridges

Posted in Restorative Dentistry | May 15, 2013

As modern dentistry continues to advance, there is no cease as well in the growth of options either for cosmetic or restorative purposes. With regard to restorative dentistry, there are some corners still debating on the merits between dental implants on one hand and dental crowns and bridges on the other.

While it can be said that the more modern dental implants are superior in many aspects, it cannot be the case in all aspects and not so for all individual patients. There are still instances when crowns and bridges are better suitable restorative devices for a particular dental issue. At any rate, it is upon the determination of an experienced dental professional as to the ideal solution of a particular dental problem.

That said, you need to take care of your crowns and bridges as if they are your natural teeth. This is the rule of thumb in order to preserve the functionality and aesthetic value of your dental crown and bridges. Like your natural teeth, you need to brush them properly twice per day and floss them once per day. The keyword is “properly” and so it entails that you have to brush at a 45-degree angle in circular motion.

Furthermore, you have to take note whether what you have right now are permanent or temporary crowns and bridges. The temporary devices require gentler brushing and more careful flossing. You will have to avoid chewing very hard and sticky foods like ice and chocolate rolls. Moreover, you should remember that permanent bridges and crowns are still not considered invincible, so still take it slowly on extra hard foods. Consider also having an effective antibacterial mouthwash as part of your regular oral hygiene. When you feel that your bite becomes uncomfortable or you get any loosening feeling in your mouth, immediately consult your dentist about it.

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Reliable Gum Treatments Rockport at Mount Pleasant Dental Care

Posted in Periodontal Services | April 30, 2013

At Mount Pleasant Dental Care, the experience of having excellent and comfortable services do not stop at family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry procedures. Rather, you may as well avail of periodontal services – or those services relating to gum care and treatment of gum diseases.

This is in line with Mount Pleasant’s mission of helping residents of Rockport, ME and beyond in getting access to comprehensive oral care. After all, periodontal is one essential aspect of dentistry often neglected upon by many people – that is, until they start suffering from pain and discomfort of a gum disease.

Indeed, dental care is not just about taking care of your teeth. You also have to mind about not developing gum diseases – before it becomes too late. This is so as gum diseases eventually would affect the health of your teeth. In fact, tooth decay and periodontal diseases are considered two of the biggest threats to dental health.

The periodontal diseases are generally infections affecting the gums and bones that surround and support the teeth. The early signs of a typical gum disease (gingivitis) may include: swollen and bleeding gums. If it’s not that serious yet, gingivitis may develop into a more serious form known as periodontitis. In that case, gums may pull away from the tooth, bone can be lost, and your teeth may suddenly loosen or fall out.

Although the speed rate may vary (based on one’s diet, genetics, and lifestyle), every person is practically susceptible to develop gum diseases. This is even more true for individuals with no sense of care with their gums and surrounding teeth. Hence, gum treatments  Rockport are often necessary to stop the progression of a gum disease.

At Mount Pleasant Dental Care, Dr. Pier and Dr. Groves will look into your condition to provide you proper guidance in oral care or gum treatment. The Rockport Dentists will work closely with professional hygienists. Upon evaluation, a dental hygienist will be assigned to form your treatment plan and help eliminate the causes of your gum issues. The hygienist will then instruct you on hygiene techniques and in monitoring your health during and after treatment.

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Oral Conscious Sedation Rockport Achieves Comfort in Dental Procedures

Posted in Sedation Dentistry | April 15, 2013

Together with excellence and compassion, “comfort” is another way of describing Mount Pleasant Dental Care’s brand of delivering dental services. True enough, as stated in its homepage, the Rockport, ME-based dental office believes that the “best treatment in the world is not helpful if it is not comfortable”. One way of providing comfort is to make each and every patient – yes, this includes you – feel at ease and relaxed during any given dental procedure.

Mount Pleasant Dentists Drs. Pier and Groves are both aware that there are basically two types of patients: those who are not afraid of dentist and those who are afraid. (Although, of course, they are quick to admit that the difference is not as simple to categorize like that.) Oral Conscious Sedation Rockport is a way to facilitate a dental procedure and reduce patient fear and anxiety while in the presence of a dentist.

Compared to most sedation methods, oral sedation is generally easy to administer (you only need a pill intake or via liquid form), more effective, safer, and even lower in cost (especially compared to intravenous type). There is no uniform level of medication type and amount, as every sedation treatment is tailored to each patient.

Aside from health assessment and exams, the Mount Pleasant Dental Care Team (led by Drs. Pier and Groves) will discuss with you on the level of sedation desired so that appropriate oral medications will be prescribed. After all, the underlying goal is to achieve the right level of relaxation for almost any dental procedure.

Upon assessment and your approval, the Rockport Dentists will explain to you the details in handling yourself while on sedation, such as bringing along an adult companion to drive you to and from the dental office. Everything said, there are cases when oral sedation may not be advisable to your particular condition.

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Rockport Children’s Dentistry: Making Child’s Smile Last Longer

Posted in Preventive Care | March 30, 2013

One of the greatest legacies you can bestow upon your child is valuing personal hygiene care. This kind of treasure is priceless as it puts forward several weapons that are truly powerful later in the life of your child: confidence, positive outlook, and even charm. To be effective, you don’t have to impose personal care on your child. Rather, you can encourage this trait as early as possible to instill its importance and benefits. After all, there is no single way to impart the value of hygiene like dental care.

But you can guide your child in realizing that dentist is a friend instead of an enemy. You have to discourage that notion of fear of dentists that is very common among children. There is no assurance that your child will have a healthy and beautiful set of teeth way into adulthood, but you are assured that your child is going to take care of his teeth no matter what and for as long. Hence, an important step to achieve this legacy is keeping early children’s dentistry comfortable for your child.

At Mount Pleasant Dental Care, both Doctors David Pier and Rebecca Groves believe that the “best treatment in the world is not helpful if it is not comfortable”. The Rockport Dentists are highly experienced in children and preventive dentistry, and in fact they continue honing their competency thru continuing annual dental education. They utilize various friendly and painless techniques in order to make children feel very comfortable while being examined or treated. It is their ultimate goal therefore to make each dental experience pleasant and safe.

Rockport Children’s Dentistry includes options for dental sealants and maximum oral preventive care. Dr. Pier and Dr. Groves are also mindful of the American Dental Association’s advice to identify potential dental problems among children, as early as one year old, to prevent tooth decay and gum disease which may permanently affect their oral health permanently.

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