How to Look After Your Child’s Oral Health

Posted in Preventive Care | October 15, 2013

As a parent, it is always important to look after your child’s oral health and be a good example with good dental hygiene.  Here, at the children’s dentistry in Rockport, ME, your child deserves more than just the basic oral hygiene that you started to practice early at your home.  Mount Pleasant Dental Care offers a line of dentistry primarily for the dental care of your children.  Dr. David Pier and Dr. Rebecca Laliberte go hand in hand in achieving your child’s optimum oral health and for the entire family.

These questions can guide parents to help their children remain free from the dental cavities and dental diseases:

When to bring your child to the dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends your child’s first dental visit before his or her first birthday.  This is a good way for developing a positive attitude with their dentist and avoiding an anxiety or fear with the dentist in the future.   It is also advisable to let your children see their dentist every 6 months after their first dental visit.

How to brush and floss properly?

You have to teach and explain to your child the proper way of brushing and flossing the teeth.  As soon as your child’s teeth start to show you have to teach proper brushing.

Cleaning your child’s teeth will start soon after you see visible teeth because they are susceptible to decay with the sugary milk they consume.  It is advisable to wipe the teeth and gums with a washcloth or gauze after every feeding and avoid letting them sleep with their milk bottle in their mouth.

Children as early as 3 years old should learn how to brush their teeth properly with a pea sized portion of fluoride toothpaste.  At 8 years old, they should know how to brush and floss their teeth properly on their own.

What to eat and drink for healthy teeth?

A balanced diet containing the essential proteins and nutrients is an important contributor to healthy teeth and gums.  Choose foods rich in calcium to maintain strong teeth and avoid foods containing sugar or starch.

If you check inside the mouth of your child and find some noticeable early decay, do not worry since that is treatable at Mount Pleasant Care.  Get in touch with us immediately and we will take care of your child’s dental health.

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Cosmetic Bonding for Damaged Teeth

Posted in Cosmetic Dentistry | September 30, 2013

Many restorative procedures require patients to come back to the dental clinic before the whole procedure is completed.  With their busy schedules, some patients prefer procedures that are done the same day that they came in for a consultation.  Some dental restorations require the appliance to be brought to a dental laboratory for fabrication.  The more work load that the dental technician has, the longer you have to wait for the procedure to be completed.

Dental bonding can offer an effective solution to your dental problems without having to wait for the dental appliance to be fabricated by a technician in his dental laboratory.  This is effective in restoring the full function and normal appearance of your teeth if it has been chipped, cracked, and decayed.  Dental bonding can also be used to improve the overall appearance of your tooth when it has been discolored, or if you want to alter the shape and length of the tooth.  It can also be effective in closing small gaps in between teeth, and cosmetic bonding is also a good alternative to using amalgam for dental fillings because it matches the natural color of your tooth.

Cosmetic bonding is the fastest way to treat your teeth and it’s definitely the most affordable.  And what our patients like most about cosmetic bonding is that it does not require too much natural tooth structure to be taken out, unlike other dental restorations like veneers and crowns.

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Let’s Bridge the Gap

Posted in Cosmetic Dentistry | September 15, 2013

With the continuous efforts of dentists around the world, patients now have several options to choose from when they want to replace missing teeth.  Each treatment has its own benefits and disadvantages and the most common choice among my patients at Mount Pleasant Dental Care are dental bridges.

As the name implies, dental bridges connect the gap created by missing teeth.  Patients can choose from dental bridges that are attached to the adjacent teeth using wires or they can opt for a more permanent solution through dental bridges that are anchored using dental crowns.  Patients can also choose the type of dental material to be used for the replacement teeth.  It could either be porcelain, alloys, gold, or a combination of any of these.  But if you are unsure of which options will be best for you, our team is always ready to make a recommendation.

Dental bridges do not require special care.  If patients practice good oral hygiene which involves brushing three times a day and flossing afterwards then their dental bridges can last for a long time.  Also it is important to keep the patient’s remaining teeth healthy, so we recommend regular dental check-ups to guarantee the optimum health of your gums and teeth and this will also give your dentist the chance to check on the condition of your dental bridge.

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Why All-Porcelain Crowns?

Posted in Restorative Dentistry | August 30, 2013

All dental restorations work towards final results that look and feel like a natural tooth.  And in my years of trying out traditional and the latest dental materials for restorative procedures, my preference is always leaning towards using porcelain over other dental materials available.

This is especially true when installing dental crowns on patients.  I highly recommend the use of porcelain for dental crowns because they have the unique ability of being sculpted easily to be able to mimic the natural grooves of the tooth.  The physical qualities of porcelain also make for a very natural looking appearance after the dental crown has been installed.  Not only are we able to restore the full function of the tooth, we are also able to replicate its original appearance and in most cases increase the aesthetic value of the tooth.  Porcelain crowns are best used for damaged teeth that are located near the front.  It’s durable and stain resistant, so it is really a very ideal choice when it comes to dental crowns.

Same as other types of crowns, the entire procedure will take about 2 to 3 visits before it is completed.  The first visit will involve the preparation of the tooth to receive the crown and the patient will be called back in for a final visit for the installation of the crown once it is fabricated.

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Drift Off to Beautiful Teeth

Posted in Sedation Dentistry | August 15, 2013

Patients put off going to the dentist because of the irrational and unexplainable fear that they have of me, my tools, and the procedures.  Media sometimes paints a scary image of us dentists, which makes both kids and adults think twice about getting their teeth fixed.  But in situations when you really have no choice but to undergo a dental procedure, patients can now choose to be sedated during the whole treatment so that our team can do their job properly and the patients won’t have to go through the unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Sedation dentistry can create an environment that is safe and comfortable for the patient.  The type of sedation that will be used will be determined based on the level of your physical and emotional needs.  The sedative works by relaxing the action of a patient’s central nervous system.  Once the drugs take effect, patients will be aware of their surroundings but will be less responsive to sound and smell.  Patients also have the option to be asleep during the whole procedure if they think that this would be more effective for them.

When you want to be sedated during the entire procedure, it is important that you mention this to your dentist during consultation because preparation for a procedure under sedation is different from when it’s done normally.  Patients are advised not to eat or drink for at least 6 hours prior to the scheduled procedure.  All of your pre-existing medical conditions have to be provided so make sure not to leave anything out prior to the procedure.  And make sure that you ask someone to drive you home after the procedure is done.

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Beginning Preventive Oral Care at Home and Making Smile an Asset

Posted in Preventive Care | July 30, 2013

Each person’s smile is a valuable asset to life. Not many people would say or admit it, but indeed each smile is a personal asset in more ways than one. For instance, it is an asset in the sense that you can easily gain friends and seal deals if you have a bright, clean looking smile. A healthy smile would also turn out to be an asset because, well, you don’t have to spend considerable amounts to have your teeth fixed with dental treatments.

So while occasional cleaning and check-up by a dental professional is necessary, the battle to a healthy set of teeth must begin at home. The way you take care of your oral health should be preventive and proactive. You should not wait for a tooth decay, or severe gum disease for that matter, to realize that it is not just about routine brushing and flossing.

The basic oral hygiene requirements, of course, constitute brushing at least twice per day and flossing at least once per day (preferably at night). But it is also about doing the oral routine in a proper manner, as much as it is about frequency and regularity. You may be constantly doing all the brushing and flossing, but are you doing them correctly or effectively?

For example: are you aware that you need to change your toothbrush every two or three months to prevent the proliferation of bacteria? Do you know that the best angle when brushing is 45-degrees against your gums? Don’t you know that the advisable way of brushing is by gently moving your brush in a circular motion instead of a back-and-forth motion? Indeed, these are very simple things and you may have known about all these before. Nonetheless, it is the same simplicity that may have caused you to forget about them while performing your daily routine of brushing and flossing.

Furthermore, you should be mindful that each person is unique when it comes to oral health. You may have some particular dental needs that may not be as necessary for other people. Perhaps you are prone to tooth staining, so you may have to consider significantly reducing your intake of dark-coloured drinks like red wine and black tea. You may have bad breath issues, so perhaps you should be more religious with using a tongue scraper every morning.

Moreover, keep in mind that there are home tools and procedures that you can do to better protect your teeth and gums, such as gargling apple cider vinegar to whiten teeth and kill bacteria and  occasional brushing with baking soda for stain removal. Sometimes it’s all about being resourceful, like using “detergent” foods such as apple to cleanse teeth in case toothbrush is not available.

At any rate, a preventive oral care is never really comprehensive or sustainable enough if you are not assisted by a trusted dental professional in your area. In Rockport, ME, Dr. David Pier is a good ally to have for proactive oral care. He can both be a guide and a help to your efforts of achieving ideal dental health. He will remind you on the proper steps of maintaining your dental health, as well providing you with thorough dental cleaning and examination.

Make it an essential component of your oral health routine to visit Dr. Pier’s dental office every 6 months, or more frequently if necessary for your dental condition.

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